Digital Currency Infrastructure for Africa.

Start Accepting Bitcoin, Etheruem and LiteCoin on your web or mobile app from anyone anywhere in the world.

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Go Global, Get Paid.

Start accepting digital currencies from all over the world while getting remittance in
your local currency deposited in your bank account.

Receive payments globally

Get paid by anyone from anywhere in the world. Bitcoin is awesome for international businesses.

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Realtime conversion

As soon as payment is recieved you get credited the equivalent in fiat on your roqqu account.

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Same day settlement

Receive fiat in your bank account at the close of business everyday, you can change this behaviour.

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Everything done securely

From your customers paying to you withdrawing, everything is done under lock and keys.

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Integrate Seamlessly.

We built roqqu for people, not machines, get up and running in few easy steps.

Easy Checkout

roqqu makes checking out easy with a unique and simple experience your customers will love.

Developer Friendly

We built roqqu with developers in mind, we want to help you ship code on time and regularly.

Robust RESTful APIs

Build your own layer of UI on top of infrastructure using our powerful RESTful APIs, from deposits to withdrawals.

Performance Metrics

Get realtime analytics of everything happening on your integration, set alerts to get notified when things change.

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This is going to be a huge win for Africa, digital currencies are the money of the future and having this kind of infrastructure in place will ensure Africa's position on the global stage in the coming years. — Gino Osahon, Regional Cordinator, Google Developer Group Port Harcourt

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